What is Way of Peace?
Most of us know that Israel is the birthplace of Jesus, our Lord, and Savior and that the Gospel was first brought to the Jews; yet, did you know that almost 2000 years later, Israel and the entire Middle Eastern region is one of the least evangelized areas of the world? Jews and Arabs alike need to hear about the Good News of salvation and reconciliation in Jesus. Peace in Israel and the Middle East cannot come until the Prince of Peace has been revealed.

Way of Peace is a ministry that was formed for the purpose of bringing the Gospel to Jews and Muslims alike in Israel and the Middle East. With relatively little gospel awareness, Israel is skeptical of “Christianity.” As a result, Israeli believers are persecuted, and gospel work is severely under-funded. The goal of Way of Peace is to share about the Jesus who came to bring life–not another religion.

Our approach is unique. Way of Peace advances the Good News by empowering local believers to share the love of Yeshua to their countrymen. Hearing about the Gospel from a fellow Jew or Arab makes the topic of Jesus more approachable. Way of Peace supports up to fifteen Israeli evangelists and ministers in ten different cities across Israel. Many of these people have no other means of support, but with the help of Way of Peace they are equipped and empowered for ministry.

Things are happening! Every month Way of Peace receives testimonies of lives that are transformed by the power of Jesus. All over Israel, Jews and Arabs are being touched by God. With your help, we can accomplish even more.

Jesus first came for His people. We have been so blessed by Israel’s gift of the Messiah and His salvation. But now it is our turn to give the Gospel back to Israel. Join Way of Peace and start reaching Israel today.