Tel Aviv

Pastor Avi and Bat El

Located in downtown Tel Aviv, Israel’s most cosmopolitan city, Dugit Outreach Center and Adonai Roi Congregation are established as a place open to all people. In a country limited to public evangelization outreaches, Dugit is a coffee house and bookstore that provides a welcoming atmosphere for Israelis to come and learn more about the New Covenant in Yeshua – something many Jews have never heard of!

Offering free coffee and literature to any who come into Dugit, Pastor Avi is committed to demonstrating the love of Yeshua to Tel Aviv. Way of Peace supports Dugit Coffee House as well as an evangelist there named Bat El. After finishing her military service and training with Jews for Jesus, Bat felt a burden for her people and asked the Lord to help her go into full-time evangelism. Just in time, the Lord brought Way of Peace into contact with her. Our support enables her to work full time at Dugit and share the Gospel with any who ask. Bat says, “I love sharing the Gospel here. We reach out to Israelis and tell them about the love of God and Yeshua.” This type of support is so needed because it enables those who are willing, to be used full time in ministry.


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