One day, Najeeb was sitting upstairs, and young Daniel was serving downstairs when an Italian family with a ten-year-old boy entered into their shop. Najeeb could hear snatches of English and Italian as they tried to communicate. he was trying to prepare his Sunday sermon, but felt impelled to go downstairs and greet them. HE noticed that the boy was on crutches. They related that they had come from Milan, and wanted to buy some presents before they went back. Then Najeeb asked why the boy was on crutches, and the mother explained that he had a disease of to one leg for five years. So Najeeb asked if they have ever prayed for him! Well, they hadn’t, but had felt that perhaps on their visit to the Holy Land, because God was here, He might heal him. Najeeb said that Jesus could heal him, but they have to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and then he asked if he could pray for the which they assented. At this point Najeeb knelt down, and began to pray in Arabic with his whole heart, and he could feel the power of God. When Najeeb opened his eyes the mother was sobbing. She said she understood nothing, but God had touched her heart. They then asked Najeeb if they were Catholics, to which he replied that they were simply Christians who believed in Jesus. They were leaving for Italy the next day, but said that this day with the visit to the shop had been very special.