One day, Elisabeth had to collect Karen from the Grand Kenyon (Mall). Tino had to get up early the next morning to work, so he asked his mother to do it and she really did not want to go out, but went never the less. As she was traveling along behind another car, the car in front suddenly braked violently. Someone had run across the road and he had nearly run him over, and as he came to a stop he screamed at the offending jaywalker! We both stopped parallel to one another at the lights, and the driver, who was still shaking, exclaimed, “Did you see this idiot, I could have killed him!” to this I replied, “Brother, God’s mercies are new every morning. God had mercy on you. If we lift up our eyes to the hills, we will see our help, and this help is Yeshua” The lights changed and we both drove off.