Touched by the Love of Christ

Touched by the Love of Christ

Beit Hayeshua continues to prosper. We have seen four men graduate from stage one of the program and move into stage two. In this stage, the men go out and work while continuing to live at the center. At this time there are 6 men in stage two and 6 in stage one. The following are some of the men whom we have received into stage one during the last few months:

Anton has been addicted to alcohol for years. Anton is very intelligent, but because of alcoholism, he has lost his family and just about everything else. He has turned his life over to the Lord and seems very serious about making changes in his life.

Victor is a drug addict who has been through a number of rehab centers. He has much potential, but he has always fallen back to drugs after some time. He has renewed his commitment to the Lord ad we hope and trust that this time will be the last that Victor will need a rehab program.

Vitaly is an older alcoholic who has been through part of our program before. Suddenly he left. After a year outside during which he returned to his drinking, Vitally realized that he needed to finish the program. He has also recommitted his life to the Lord and seems more serious about building a relationship with Yeshua.

Alex is our newest in the program. He has been on heroin and methadone for years. He is still going through withdrawal at this time. He has repented and asked the Lord into his life. Right now Alex seems determined to go through the entire program. Please pray for him.