A. is a Muslim who studied at a Christian School, When he finished his studies, he got into trouble with the Law, and spent five years in jail, where he entered more fully into Islam and became very religious! One day he came into the bookshop and requested three books. 

The names of God. 

The Attributes of God 

And The Trinity. 

Unfortunately, we did not have even one of these books. However, Najeeb was there on all three occasions that he came into the bookshop, and was able to answer all his questions. He confessed that he did not find any satisfaction in Islam. Najeeb told him that God is love, not anger and that He does not differentiate in His love between Christians and Moslems. Our shop exists to help people like him and answer all their questions. We believe, that it was not by accident that A. came into the shop, and we see that God touches the hearts of them that seek Him. We promised that we would order the missing books and that he would have them shortly, please pray for him.